El Tiguere & Julianna

Bachata Tiger is back! And he's taking us back to the roots of bachata with his wonderful partner Julianna.

Specialised in: *"touching" the world, Bachata, Dominican Bachata
Workshops: 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun)

Rudi Lopez, AKA "El Tiguere Del Mambo," is a world-renowned DJ, instructor, dancer, MC, and event organizer from the state of New York. He was born to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother. As a DJ, El Tiguere is recognized for his balanced sets that provide an appealing mix of all styles of music, whether he is playing bachata or salsa. With dance training directly from Ataca & La Alemana, accompanied with his energetic and charismatic personality, El Tiguere's classes are filled with lots of insight, laughs, and sensuality. El Tiguere performs to traditional achata choreographed by Ataca & La Alemana, emphasizing sensuality, intricate footwork, and Island Touch-style partnerwork.

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