El Tiguere & Julianna

Bachata Tiger is back! And he's taking us back to the roots of bachata with his wonderful partner Julianna.

Specialised in: *"touching" the world, Bachata, Dominican Bachata
Workshops: 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun)

Rudi Lopez, AKA "El Tiguere Del Mambo," is a world-renowned DJ, instructor, dancer, MC, and event organizer from the state of New York. He was born to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother. As a DJ, El Tiguere is recognized for his balanced sets that provide an appealing mix of all styles of music, whether he is playing bachata or salsa. With dance training directly from Ataca & La Alemana, accompanied with his energetic and charismatic personality, El Tiguere's classes are filled with lots of insight, laughs, and sensuality. El Tiguere performs everything from sensual to traditional bachata choreographed by Ataca & La Alemana, emphasizing sensuality, intricate footwork, and Island Touch-style partnerwork.

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