Albir Rojas (Kizomba Master Class)

What's the way to achieving perfect technique and musicality sense? Let Albir teach you.

Topic: So you think you can dance

What does it take to make a good dancer? Strong basis? Many combinations in your head? Control? Technique? This master class will give you an insight into developing your technique and will make you aware of the importance of both musicality and listening and feeling your partner at the same time. All of these tools are steps towards becoming the best version of a dancer you can be.

Accept the challenge and join this class led by the master of musicality Albir Rojas!



  • only for advanced dancers
  • master classes are not included in any pass
  • limited number of people - there might be a chance you won't be able to buy it on spot, so hurry up ;)
  • the PRICE of one class: 15 EUR/per person
  • tickets available on our webshop

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