Isabelle & Felicien (Kizomba Master Class)

Isabelle & Felicien are ready to take your kizomba dancing to a different dimension - are you?

Topic: Fluidity of movement

Want to make your dance as playful as it gets and test your skills? Fluidity is something that always adds this extra flair to dancing and gives you an opportunity to express your musicality on a whole different level. How can you make your moves and combinations more fluid? Well it's possible, super challenging and super fun. Join Isabelle and Felicien and discover new horizons of kizomba. 

Remember: strong foundation in kizomba needed ;)



  • only for advanced dancers
  • master classes are not included in any pass
  • limited number of people - there might be a chance you won't be able to buy it on spot, so hurry up ;)
  • the PRICE of one class: 15 EUR/per person
  • tickets available on our webshop
  • check out the workshop schedule

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