Summer Sensual Days Opatija

Summer Sensual Days Opatija

That boutique feel you've been looking for


  • cozy boutique event
  • wonderful location, known as Croatian Monte Carlo
  • bachata and kizomba
  • carefully designed workshops
  • top instructors
  • mesmerizing party locations

So Rovinj is getting to big for you, you say? You're more into smaller venues, festivals with fewer people and a more family atmosphere? Got it! Opatija is what you need.

Known as Croatian Monte Carlo, Opatija is a refreshing and relaxing Mediterranean town erected where mountains and forests meet the sea. The town of terraces, providing you with the most beautiful views you have ever seen. The town radiating with that special glow - like an old lady with a bag full of exhilarating memories waiting to share them all with you.

SSD Opatija has a very limited number of participants, an all-in-one venue with a carefully designed workshop schedule, master classes for advanced dancers, all-nighter parties, after parties and a special treat - a white party in a castle. Offering tonnes of those tiny details making your festival experience and stay in Croatia just perfect. 

Let us take you to Croatian Golden Riviera!


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