DJ David Pedron

Another shining star on our bachata sky - for the first time in Opatija, rocking the bachata floor!

Specialised in: Bachata

DJ David Pedron, a great music enthusiast and an international bachata DJ, began his career as a professional club DJ in the 90s. He started off at various clubs in the south of France and ended up doing major contracts in prestigious Parisian clubs. After a trip to the Dominican Republic he fell in love with Latin music and decided to introduce it in France where, unlike salsa, bachata hadn't really taken off yet. He decided to found an online radio, which today after 7 years of its existence has 10 000 connections per day. Specialized in Dominican and sensual bachata he can make you dance to any type of music and he is sure to bring his personal touch to all kinds of events. 

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