DJ Karl Conklass

His favorite phrase is Never miss an opportunity to dance or smile to life. Welcome DJ Karl Conklass!

Specialised in: Ghettozouk, Urban Kizz

Karl Conklass was born in Paris to West Indian parents. All his childhood was rocked by Caribbean zouk, salsa and other Caribbean rhythms. It's quite logical that in 2007, he decided to start DJing in Paris. He begins with salsa, bachata and then turns in 2011 to kizomba which he falls in love with. This is how his adventure begins in kizomba in France and internationally. Karl Conklass performs regularly in Sweden, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and France. His kizomba style is Urban and Ghettozouk. He knows how to make you travel in his musical universe by being in constant search of pearls.


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