Incorporating urban bachata, urban dance, traditional merengue tipico with a touch of sensual and sassy flare

Mamacitas is a project started in 2018 to reunite women.
Angela Mariano, the creator, has been in the bachata scene since 2011 collecting experience of different genre of dances like hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, ballroom, jazz, salsa and Latin dances.
"My idea was to create a group of girls, to give them a bit of self-confidence, to believe in how amazing they can be, to empower women through dance with no restrictions such as age, ethnicity, culture, religion, aspect, looks… We as women have strong power, we just need to believe so, be united to collaborate together to make amazing things happen. The choreography is there to provide a fun escape for the performers and the audience that needs to enjoy watching."
Fun, challenging, playful, focusing on technique, including footwork and body movement - that's what it's all about.


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