19 Nov 2021

2022 dates update!

When life brings you change - you embrace it and rock even stronger!

Dear friends, we have updated dates for the 2022 year for SSD Opatija. Our new planned dates are:

  • 02-05th of June 2022

Why change dates?

Due to the pandemic, which has been one of the greatest disruptors in the last 50 years globally, the dynamics of many things changed - including the tourism industry and everybody who is working in it. Our dance festivals are a part of the big whole and thus were affected by the pandemic too, in many ways. However, although things around us change and we face incredible challenges, we adjust with time and we keep following our goals - to deliver the unique social dancing experience in our industry and to keep our dancing community together.

To be able to continue with this goal, we needed to adjust the dates moving them two weeks prior to what we are used to. We understand it might be a certain inconvenience to some, however, in life only the change is constant and we are embracing it despite the fact we are used to the "old dates" to.. 

What if a pandemic persist?

We believe next year we will hold the event on announced dates but life is everything just not predictable. So if there will be no other solution we will on time inform you and move the event to alternative dates in the second part of the summer (dates to be announced). However, for now, we plan to rock June again like never before! We thank all our sunshine family, artists, volunteers, friends and everybody who supported us through these times and still do. 

So, now, the only thing left is to ask you - are you ready to make history again?


Much love from your sunshine team!

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