Royal Beach Party

Relax, unwind and dance the day away


  • mixed floor - bachata and kizomba spiked with a bit of party music 
  • DJs - to be announced
  • cozy atmosphere
  • it's an actual beach, so yes, take your swimming suits

Saturday, 20th June; 14:00 - 21:00h @ Royal Beach

Picture this: waterfront location right below one of our festival hotels Gardenija, comfortable sun beads nestled among crisp white baldachins, light summer breeze, cocktails, music and a dance floor next to the sea for a whole day of dancing. Top that with our festival DJs setting the mood throughout the entire day and you've got yourself a dance Saturday to wish for.

So party pass people - here's where you can spend your day, dancing, relaxing, sipping refreshing drinks or taking a dip. If you have a full pass - here's your spot to take a break from the workshops or dance out the things you learned right away.


  • ticket to this party is included in Opatija Full and Party Pass
  • the beach is located very close to the main festival venue, Gervais & below official festival hotel Gardenija - check the location on the map
  • prepare sunscreen and hats - it's going to be hot
  • you will not be able to buy the tickets for this party no spot; you can buy the tickets only in our festival office in Gervais Center


Wile away the hours in elegance and luxury 

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