Why come to Opatija
Why come to Opatija

SSD Opatija - your next favorite sensual dance experience

Welcome to the most charming dance holiday!

Making events is not our thing. Making great experiences is. That is exactly what is expecting you in the third edition of our unique seasunsalsa experience, Summer Sensual Days, Opatija.


World of social dance brings incredible opportunities for quality social engagement. However, to be able to participate in it you need to know how to dance and dance right. High quality teaching, structured classes and a well-developed curriculum is on our priority list regarding the education part. Put on top some world class teachers and cozy atmosphere and suddenly you've got yourself a great learning experience. That is something you take with you - forever. Don't miss it.

Check more in the DANCE LESSONS aka WORKSHOPS section.


It goes without saying that summertime brings out the party animals out of ourselves. Well, ok - you need it, we've got it. Beach, castles, terraces, open-air parties, show evenings - we've got you covered. Oh, and don't mind us, we've brought some ultra cool friends with us - DJs that play high quality music non stop like crazy and do not sleep, drink, eat. OK. Even we don't believe the second part.

Take a sneak peak of what we've got for you this year.


On top of everything - we are chippin' in our own 15 years long experience of making unique and amazing events for dancers. It is our yearly b-day party so to say to which you are all invited to celebrate! Here is what we are throwing at you:

  • beautiful destination Opatija - small and ultra-cozy town
  • special events (beach, castle, open-air parties)
  • designed learning experience that matters (take a peak)
  • selected passionate artists that give their all - on and off the dance floor
  • some of the best DJs in bachata and kizomba world
  • details matter - we leave nothing to chance
  • boutique feel - festival feels cozy, friendly, with high attention to details
  • included transfer to Summer Sensual Days week 2 in Rovinj
  • so much more check at SPOTLIGHTS

Details matter

Big time. From the bottom up, each hour of the events we do at each of many of our locations is thoughtfully designed with you/us as the center of the experience. Even if sometimes things do not go our way, which happens here and there, rest assured we've got your back and we're already working to make the best of the situation.

#wevegotyourback #detailsmatter

Make friends

So, if I would like to wrap things up I would like to send you a message - MEET PEOPLE & MAKE FRIENDS. This simple philosophy of connecting with other human beings so many times eludes us but it is very simple. When we were kids it was so easy and natural for us to make new friends or to play with new kids. No judgment, no prejudice. So, that is what we would like to create - an environment where you feel free and safe to make great new friendships with people from all around the world - because yes, they are coming too ;)

#meetpeople #makefriends


This one wraps it up - but it is all true ;) Get ready for the third edition of our vibrant summer sensual boutique festival! Whether you're into bachata or kizomba we've got you covered with a list of selected artists and handpicked DJs who will rock your world. Our special recipe also consists of carefully designed workshop program and a range of special events which will test your body limits.

Join our dance family in charming Opatija and let's welcome the summer of 2020 with a bang.

See you in Opatija!

Festival Director

P.S. If you did not check by now, my suggestion is to go check some SPOTLIGHTS, ARTIST and WORKSHOPS sections and then you ready to rock with us this summer! Make sure you do not forget the sunglasses!


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