Kizomba Fusion Choreo Bootcamp by Albir

What's it like to perform next to one of the biggest and most versatile names in kizomba? It's time to find out!

If you are an intermediate and advanced dancer who'd like a challenge and perform with one of the biggest kizomba names in the industry - this is your chance. Albir will make you explore musicality, teach you to listen and connect and will combine it in a nice choreography which you will perform on Sunday at Trsat Castle.

What's Kizomba Fusion Choreo Bootcamp and what do I get from it?
Choreo Bootcamp is aimed at intermediate and advanced kizomba dancers who'd like to learn more about expressing themselves and exploring new ways of experiencing music. Albir will make you think, react and observe yourself and music in a completely different way. Learn to connect and express through music. And show it to the world afterwards at one of the most beautiful locations you can imagine.

Who's Albir?
Albir Rojas is currently one of the most wanted kizomba artists in the world. He'll take you deeper into the world of sensuality in his own unique manner bursting with energy, flow and sexiness. 

When, Where and What?
Saturday 20th June, from 12:45 - 14:45h and Sunday, 21st June from 14:00-15:00 in Hotel Imperial. 
You will perform with Albir at Summer Wonderland Party at Trsat Castle. We'll make sure you get a nice video as a souvenir afterwards ;)
DRESS CODE FOR THE PERFORMANCE:  jeans, white with the touch of pink and grey 

Price and level
Early bird price is 50 EUR (370kn) and it's valid until 1st January 2020. From 1st January till 1st April is 60 EUR (445kn). From 1st April until it's sold out the price is 70 EUR (520kn).

The program is aimed at dancers of INTERMEDIATE AND/OR ADVANCED level. Limited to 40 participants only (20 women/20 men).



  • KIZOMBA FUSION CHOREO BOOTCAMP is not included in any of your passes
  • this ticket doesn't include any other workshops or parties
  • the instructor reserves the right to choose who's going to perform
  • if you are performing you need to have a festival pass which includes Summer Wonderland Party


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