Igor & Rocío

Igor & Rocío

A mixture of acrobatics from the east and ballroom dancing from southwest Europe gave us a special fusion they like to call Feeling bachata

Specialised in: Bachata
Workshops: 5 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Originally from Moldova and Spain, the couple formed by Igor Rotaru and Rocío González began their bachata career in 2016. 

In a short time, they reached the top of the podium, thus winning titles such as the 2019 Bachata Open World Runners-up or third place in the World Bachata Masters, also in 2019. 

Their beginnings, however, are very different. Rocío started as a ballroom dancer and Igor was doing the acrobatics and contemporary dance. 

Thanks to the influence of all styles from their dancing history and continuous bachata training, Igor and Rocío created their own style - FEELING BACHATA. Now they are continuing to spread it all over the world.

Very soon, they are going to share it with us in Rovinj, too! Feeling bachata, you are very welcome!


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