22 Jul 2021

Restricted sales of tickets for 2021 edition!

We bring you news about ticket sales for 2021!

Dear friends,

Due to the big number of postponed passes from 2020 and because of the restrictions on the number of participants we can have due to COVID-19 pandemic, WE WILL NOT BE SELLING festival tickets for this 2021 edition of SSD Rovinj including: FULL PASS, FULL PARTY PASS, FREAK PASS. No pre-sale and no sale on the spot of any type of party or workshop tickets (aside of boat trips or bootcamps)

We will sell only certain types of tickets and these are:

  • boat tickets
NO SALES for FULL PASS, FULL PARTY PASS, FREAK PASS in pre-sale or on the spot!

The only Seasunsalsa event we still have places left is Summer Sensual Days, Opatija. Check it out as places are filling up fast!



As we have announced, we will be selling tickets for the boat trips VERY SOON. Once we open the tickets following rules apply

  • tickets are limited (180 per boat)
  • we sell tickets to first come first served basis
  • boat tickets are NOT refundable - they can be transferred to another person
  • boat tickets bought for 2020 edition are valid for the same boat in 2021

Summer Sensual Days 2022 edition

We know many of you were waiting to hear good news and to spend your summer holidays together with the whole sunshine family. However - to all who did not get their pass this year we are looking forward to seeing you all again next year. Sales for 2022 is planned sometime in fall this year. We do hope that in 2022 we will be able to make an event that resembles what we used to do and have you all here. So, until then, mark these dates in your calendar:

  • Summer Sensual Days, Rovinj - 20-27th June 2022

Much love to all and looking forward to seeing you in Rovinj!

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