04 Apr 2022

This year's festival with more relaxed measures!

Epidemiological changes in Croatia and how do they affect us?

We have finally received a more favourable epidemiological situation, which is why many measures in Croatia have relaxed, so now we can party almost like before!

Unlike last year, when we were officially allowed to party until midnight, according to new epidemiological measures, public gatherings in Croatia are extended until 2 am.

The relief regarding the maximum time allowed to party in the clubs allows us to prolong our program compared to last year.

For more than two weeks since this decision was made, it has been a great reason for happiness for all of us who have been hungry for longer dance parties, event organizers, and nightclub owners who have revived. It is important to point out that the decision about duration is valid until April 15, after which, depending on the COVID figures, it is possible that working hours will either be maintained or even extended till 3 am or longer. It sounds amazing, right?

Summer is getting closer, so even better changes are possible until the festival, and accordingly, we will adjust the schedule of our program to the permits that will be in force at that moment. You may relax, because you will not miss partying into the wee hours of the night that you have been waiting for so long!

The good news is that with EU digital COVID certifications, you can come in large numbers, just like in the good old days. If their use remains mandatory until June, we believe that this will not be an obstacle to heading to your favorite dance destination in Croatia.

We are closely following the news from the world of epidemiological measures and will keep you informed of any changes. We are looking forward to the best!

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