Sensual MIX Party Boat Trip

A bit of both - kizomba and bachata spiked with the best of club music - for all you adventurous and wild ones.

  • MONDAY 29TH JUNE; 16:30 - 19:30h (boarding at 16:00 @ Delfin dock station)
  • PRICE: 30 EUR (meal not included)

Just when you think the festival is over, oh well it's not! On Monday, 29th June, back by popular demand, PARTY BOAT TRIPS! So grab your old and new friends and spend the day partying the Mediterranean way. Cultural and sightseeing experience all packed up in one great party boat. Top that with cocktails to go along with the ride and you'll get an amazing experience that you'll want to tell your grandchildren about.



  • PLEASE - don't take bags full of booze with you because our security guys will take them. You're allowed to bring only one plastic bottle of water.
  • boat trips are part of our Experience Croatia special events and are not included in any pass
  • after purchasing the ticket boat change IS NOT POSSIBLE so choose carefully 
  • the tickets are sold on first come first served basis and are limited to 180 persons per boat for security reasons

Like last year tickets are available in pre-sale, meaning you can save your spot before coming to Rovinj. That also means that somebody else can do it too ;) So HURRY UP and make sure you're there! 


“Experience Croatia” concept is based on an idea of giving and providing more to all those who want something different or simply want something extra apart from the regular festival program. What differentiates these events from the regular ones is primarily the story lying behind each and every one of them, their unique location unveiling the yet unseen beauties of Croatia and their respective programs, completely adapted to the storylines giving you an opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime. Join us and create your perfect “Experience Croatia” memories to keep you warm during winter season.


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