Gala Party - Celebrating 10 years together

Gala Party - Celebrating 10 years together

A very very special year for us - and we're going to celebrate hard!


  • spectacular show program 
  • dress code: SPARKLING FUNKY

Saturday, 11th of June @ Show Hall, Adris Old Tobacco Factory

It will not be just another Saturday gala party in a row, although no party here is ordinary. It will be a night to remember because the tenth birthday is not celebrated every day. We celebrate it thanks to all of you who are largely responsible for SSD Rovinj as the second child in the family to grow so big. So let’s be proud of the great thing we’ve created and celebrate our ten years the way we know best - classy and wacky.

It’s THE NIGHT, a time for elegant and flashy attire as well as spectacular show performances that will carry you to another dimension.

Step aside - and sit!

It's time for our festival instructors to wow you. Top of the tops in a range of spectacular show performances in the biggest hall of Adris Old Tobacco Factory - Show Hall.
P.S. Don't forget to put on your special clothes for this evening - the red carpet is waiting for you!

Chills and thrills all the way!


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