Bachata divas by Jessica

Bachata divas by Jessica

Wanna spice up your bachata lady styling? Look no further.

Bachata divas will be focused on body movement, footwork and musicality so if you're not sure how to move your arms and hips and not hit anyone - Jessica is here, to the rescue, making each and every one of your social dances a small performance.

What's Bachata divas and why would I need it?
It's three hours of classes which are aimed at making you feel and look great while dancing. Improving your bachata styling and strength as an individual dancer and growing your self confidence - this is what Bachata Divas is all about. 

When, Where and What?
Thursday 09th of June, from 16:00 - 19:30h. You'll do a dance choreography on a song and Jessica will make sure you get to learn all those important details and techniques of ladies styling that will be super useful for all your future social dances and performances.

Price and level

  • Price in presale is: 50 EUR (370kn)
  • Price on the spot: 60 EUR (450kn)
  • program is aimed at dancers of all levels
  • places limited: 50 participants only



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