High Heels by Chloe

High Heels by Chloe

A dance class that will make you feel sexy, empowered and more.

What is High Heels Class all about? 

High heels dance is a hip-hop, go-go, and jazz-funk dance fusion performed in high heels. This dance style focuses on the idea of choreographing routines to a specific dance track. Andy J., a Los Angeles-based choreographer who devised the idea of performing hip-hop in high heels, is widely regarded as the creator of high heels. Dancing in heels is considered a technique and an art, and it should be earned in the same way that wearing pointe shoes is. A dancer must have excellent technique, which requires advanced ballet training. 

Who’s Chloe?

With a strong, 18-year-long background in hip-hop, bachata, and salsa, Chloe Loh is the ideal person to teach you how to walk, dance, and perform like a pro while gradually building your confidence. This professional dancer from Australia is a well-known star created to dominate the stage, surprise with a show, and enthusiastically transfer her knowledge and experience. 

What am I going to do in this class?

You will definitely push all your boundaries, starting from: 

  • learning new movements
  • understanding how to express
  • telling a story
  • dominating the stage
  • holding an audience
  • boosting your femininity
  • staying unique and being yourself all the time
  • and letting others see who you are.

What is certain is that dancing in heels will definitely awaken all your senses. Elements and skills you can expect from High Heels by Chloe include:

  • hip pops 
  • sassy walks 
  • floorography and hairography 
  • dynamic vs. soft energy 
  • arm styling and lines.

This session includes a 3-hour workshop (split into two parts) over the weekend and a live Saturday performance on stage with Chloe. 

DRESS CODE for the show:

  • fish nets
  • black shorts or undies
  • bright colored crop tops
  • black heels 

First part: Friday, June 9 from 17:00 to 18:45 (including a 15-minute pause)
Second part: Saturday, June 10 from 17:00 to 18:45 (including 15-minute pause)
Performance: Saturday night at the Adris stage


The program is limited to 60 participants.  

50 EUR - until April 1st (EARLY BIRD)
60 EUR - April 1st to June 1st
70 EUR - from June 1st until it's sold out 


  • Bring the heels you feel most comfortable in
  • High heels by Chloe is not included in any of your passes
  • this ticket doesn't include any other workshops or parties