First time here
First time here

First time here?

Be at ease — the guide is here to help!


Hello, new friend! Nice to have you here! Now that you're considering being a part of it, wouldn't it be nice to have some hints and tips to help you navigate your way to an unforgettable time in your life? Simply follow the next steps and you'll be halfway there. Because it's never been easier to get to Rovinj! 

1. Explore the festival program - your compass that directs you to all dance sides.

Learn about our dance classes and workshop program

Every year, we have top dance instructors who give their all in dance workshops tailored to different levels, ranging from beginner to advanced, as well as various bootcamps. Moreover, each workshop has a specific theme, so you always know what to expect. Take a look at an example from last year to see for yourself.

Check out the party plan

Where does the party start? Actually, all over Rovinj, all day and all night. Open-air parties, boat parties, night parties, pool parties, dress codes, dance floors, you name it... Check out the details of that party firestorm here.


2. Buy your pass

Choose the pass that best fits your needs based on the number of days you are planning to spend in Rovinj. Do you just want to party, or do you want to attend workshops, boat parties, bootcamps, and special events too? Find out about the different types of passes and what they include in our web shop, and then purchase your ticket.


3. Book your accommodation

Now that you have the ticket in your pocket, you have to decide where to stay. Check out our official hotels for the best deals on accommodations just steps away from the event venue - right here.


4. Plan your arrival

All roads lead to Rovinj, whether by land, air, or sea, so all of the transportation-related concerns thus vanish at once. Find out more about how to reach this unique dance destination here.

Good luck, dear traveler! We can't wait to see you and dance with you in Rovinj. It'll be awesome!

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