DJ Hugo Smile

He sees every performance as a chance to spread happiness to everyone!

Specialised in: Kizomba

Hugo Smile discovered kizomba in 2011 with Doumb in Bordeaux. After his first participation in an international festival in Madrid, he decided in August 2012 to create his dance association and organized kizomba evenings in Bordeaux. Carried away by the pleasures brought by the different melodies, he decided to launch himself into the mix and quickly conquered the Bordeaux public.

In 2015, he moved to Paris, which launched his international career. He continued to travel the world to share with the dancers his vision of the musical journey. He flooded the middle with his kizomba remixes, which rocked more than one. An entrepreneur at heart, he also organizes the Contratempo festival and aims to bring maximum joy to the dancers. Each performance is for him - the opportunity to contribute to the happiness of everyone and to allow the loophole that dance provides in relation to everyday life.

Welcome to all who wish to participate in the musical journey of Hugo Smile!


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