DJ Ozy Shyne

This guy is here on a mission: make smooth and sensual atmosphere and make people dance!

Specialised in: Hip Hop, Kizomba

Oswald (aka Ozy Shyne), of Haitian origin, is a dancer, choreographer, DJ, event organizer, and actor. Coming from a hip-hop background, dancing with his own crew, Deuce, in French TV productions and on stage and in videos with artists like Eminem, Destiny’s Child, Jay Z, Ozy developed himself to be an acclaimed dancer all over the world, winning titles like World Champion of street dance and HipHop.

Not only dancing hip-hop, but also having his feet in styles like jazz, contemporary, African, zouk, dance-hall, salsa on1 and on2, cha cha cha, bachata, kizomba, semba, Afrobeat, makes Ozy an all-round professional dancer. Added to this, Ozy has acquired and continuously improved his professional DJ skills in various genres, including open format, salsa, kizomba, bachata, and more, making him highly requested at a lot of events around the world.

To bring all of this together, Ozy is also an experienced organiser of Afro Latin festivals, having hosted some of the biggest salsa and kizomba artists in several festival editions in Croatia. Throughout his career, Ozy has been able to influence and build different dance scenes and DJ's, and he continues to do so by also developing himself each and every day.


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