Isabelle & Felicien

Isabelle & Felicien

Need a synonym for authentic and innovative? Try Isabelle and Felicien!

Specialised in: Kizomba
Workshops: 2 on pre-festival days, 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Isabelle has been dancing since she was six, from African dances to Gwo Ka, through dancehall and hip hop. More recently, she was introduced to salsa. Felicien discovered couple dancing when he was 11 years old, starting with ballroom & swing dancing, then Latin styles, west coast swing and Argentine tango, a few years later. The discovery of kizomba brought them together! They combined their musicality, their techniques and creativity to become one. They stand out because of their authenticity and their innovation, combining the basics of this Angolan dance and their own influences.


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