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Your favorite Seasunsalsa goodies and new fabulous dance shoes will be waiting for you in our Marketplace at your favorite party place!

Memories are forever but from time to time it is good to have something to remind us of legendary times we had together. Thus our Seasunsalsa goodies - for you or your loved ones.

Personalized T-shirts, crop tops, caps, leggings, puzzles and many more trifles to remember, made for both men and women. It's always a right moment to make a statement ;)


A new pair of shoes or some fancy jumpsuits are always a good idea! A wide selection of exquisite shoes and stunning apparel offered by the top shoe and apparel providers is a great chance for you to stand out from the crowd.

Choose from all the best brands:

Change the way you look, feel and dance! For the ladies and the gentlemen, of course. 

And for a personalized piece of clothing, look for a tailor named Kospe Paco Sarr who will sew your new favorite dancing outfit in one day!


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