Gala Party

Gala Party

Saturday, 10th of June, Adris Old Tobacco Factory


  • spectacular show program
  • evening theme: Tribes of Love 
  • dress code: tribal/animal details

Be a part of the celebration and gather your tribes of love, dressed in your most elegant and flashy attire, as we come together for an evening of unforgettable entertainment and festivities!

Our festival artists will wow you with their top-of-the-line show performances in the biggest hall of the Adris Old Tobacco Factory - Show Hall. Prepare to be amazed and inspired by their spectacular showcase of talent.

And let's not forget the red carpet - it's waiting for you to make your grand entrance. So, dress to impress and prepare for a night of chills and thrills as we dance the night away together.

This year's Gala Party theme is "Tribes of Love", so get ready to channel your inner tribal spirit and embrace the love and connection that come with it. The dress code calls for glamorous attire with tribal and animal details to add a touch of exotic flair.

Chills and thrills all the way!



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