Villas Rubin - Your Sensual Beach Paradise

Free Entry

We invite you to enjoy complete sensual beach experience under the sun light - welcome to Villas Rubin!


  • beach parties are free for everybody (you don't need to have a festival pass)
  • shuttle bus to and from Rovinj is included in the price for people who are staying at Villas Rubin Resort
  • other participants can use a shuttle bus, but only after paying a fee
  • A bus ticket can be purchased at Adris in our festival office

From Wednesday 7th of June until Saturday 10th of June at Villas Rubin Resort, from 15:00 till 19:00h 

We know sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to dance or to swim, maybe to get some sun rays or even to taste some refreshing cocktail.... Well again you can have all of it at the same time! Our magnificent beach parties are here, at Villas Rubin, location you know very well for our grandiose Sunday's pool party.


Shake your hips to your favourite bachata song, then take some tasty cocktail, flirt with that beautiful girl, take some refreshment in the pool, hug that handsome guy during some kizomba rhythms, go to the beach to see all the beauty of Adriatic sea, show those girls how hard you have been working out the whole year, laugh, smile and collect all those memories you can tell to your grandchildren (or not)...  There is so many options how to use the whole day, every day!



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