Barni & Dorka

Barni & Dorka

Barni and Dorka will show you how to give your best, perform better on the dancefloor by boosting your bachata skills and dancing technique to the highest level you can have! Passion, technics, connection and just go with the flow. 

Specialised in: Bachata
Workshops: 3
Shows: 1

Until recently Barnabás Magyar and Dorottya Ádám have been on different paths in their dancing careers and their super fresh cooperation started in October 2021. As you will sense really soon, they will launch your energy and sensuality to some other dimension, as well as raise your dancing level a few steps ahead.

Both are dancers, international instructors and multiple bachata champs in Hungary and in numerous international competitions and their goal is to help you improve your techniques, light the spark of passion within you, create the unforgettable connection and make you feel this remarkable flow what bachata can give to your life.


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