What should I know before coming to Opatija?

Due to the current global crisis the festival is POSTPONED to the 2021.

The festival is postponed because of the current COVID 19 pandemic that prevents festival to be held in the safe enviornment.

YES. The festival planning for 2021 is already in progres.

Confirmed dates for 2021 are as follows:

  • SSD Opatija 17-21st June 2021, (3rd edition)
  • SSD Rovinj 21-28th June 2021, (9th edition)
  • CSSF 28th June - 05th July 2021, (16th edition)

Yes the festival will be held at the same venues as in previous years

All passes are transferred automatically to the next year. If the participant cannot attend the 2021 edition of our event(s) they have several options on which which have been sent to them by e-mail.

If you booked the accommodation with one of our partners you can cancel the reservation without any fees
Regarding the flights - check with your airline directly. Due to the current situation many airplane companies are changing their terms and conditions

We understand that it might not be possible for you to come in 2021 thus we prepared some flexible options for all our registered participants which were sent to them by email.

Yes, new confirmation email will be sent in autumn 2020

If the boat party you are interested in is not sold out you will be able to buy a ticket.

Summer Sensual Days are taking place from 18th till 29th June 2020 (all together 11 days) - in Opatija from 18th-22nd June and in Rovinj from 22nd-29th June.

What you definitely can expect is a boutique event for a selected number of dancers with countless hours of social dancing and top-notch workshops.

These are some of the SSD Opatija spotlights not to be missed while enjoying your stay in Opatija with your dance mates from all over the world:

  • DAILY SOCIALS on Friday and Saturday 
  • Over 20 remarkable international ARTISTS
  • top sensual DJs 
  • RISING TALENTS concept for all of you who want to perform on an international stage with your group
  • SHOW PERFORMANCES of world top artists 
  • special open air WELCOME PARTY
  • BACHATA, KIZOMBA and more
  • dance floor animations
  • Shopping Area
  • breathtaking views over the Kvarner bay
  • charming streets filled with historical villas
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • mingling, dancing, amazing atmosphere



SSD, Opatija takes place in Opatija, the so called Croatian Monte Carlo.


Gervais Center


Gervais Center

Trsat Castle

Royal Beach

Hotel Imperial


Gervais Center


Hotel Gardenija

Hotel Imperial

Hotel Adriatic I

Hotel Adriatic II

For more info please check the Hotel and Travel section of the website!

The workshop schedule is usually published at least one month before the festival.

A full workshop schedule will be published on the official SSD, Opatija web page under the section WORKSHOPS.

Lost and found will be in the festival registration office in Gervais Center, during office working hours. Feel free to ask our festival staff about it and check it if you need to (hope not ;)).

We recommend you to keep your stuff in our cloakroom! The organizer does not take responsibility for lost or stolen items. 

Opatija is a small town, but it has an exceptional gastro offer.

Well-known, natural and healthy Adriatic cuisine along with regular world cuisine offers are a great way to fulfill your stay in Opatija. Just take a short walk from the Gervais Centar towards our official hotels, or to the other side, towards the main bus station and you'll stumble upon many nice and cozy restaurants.

You can take something to eat during workshops throughout the day. And during the night - you can get in only with a small bottle of water.

Unfortunately no - full pass is the only option you can take if you want to attend workshops.

Unfortunately no - full pass is the only option you can take if you want to attend workshops.

You can always upgrade your pass on the spot, in our festival office.

A downgrade of your pass is unfortunately not possible.

Final workshop schedule will be published on our website one month before the festival, in the section Workshops. 

We only have a couple of all level workshops, most of the other workshops are aimed at experienced dancers (improver, intermediate, advanced level).

You can buy your pass online at our official webshop. Check out the ticket info under each pass for more info on various options.

We really have a lot of options and passes combinations ;)  

In order to make it easier to choose the right pass for yourself, please press Ticket info under each pass in our webshop or just click the TICKETS option within the PROGRAM section on this website for a listing of included programs in each pass.

Yes, most of the passes are usually available at the door, but we would highly recommend to buy them earlier! It's cheaper and you'll be sure that you have them because some of the passes or tickets can be sold out. 

You can pick up your pass in the festival office when you arrive to Opatija. You will need your e-ticket and some kind of personal document with your photo on it.

Tickets and passes will not be shipped. When we get your payment you will receive the confirmation email saying that your registration is complete. One month before the festival you will get your e-ticket and this is what you need to print out and bring to the office in order to be able to pick up your pass. 

If for any reason you don't receive the confirmation email or your e-ticket, please contact us at: support@salsa-adria.hr

Yes, we have discounted prices for groups. In order to get group prices there has to be a minimum number of 10 people in the group.
For more info please contact us at: support@salsa-adria.hr 

You've bought the pass and for some reason later you've found out that you can't come. The refund is possible but different conditions will apply depending on when you've decided to cancel your pass. 

  • all cancellations prior to 1st April will be subject to a 70% fee.
  • name changes can be done any time until 1st June 2020.
  • no refunds for cancellations after noon (12pm) 1st April. Make sure you check our cancellation insurance offer and get 80% of your money back in case of your cancellation.
  • boat trips, Experience Croatia events, bus transfers and individual parties are not refundable.

Yes, the pass or the ticket can be transferred to another person until 1st June 2020. When you log into your account at our webshop you are able to change the name of the person who will use the pass.
However it is not allowed to re-sell the passes or tickets! 

Yes, you will be able to register and to pick up your passes at the entrance to the party! Please make sure you arrive before 3:00 am, you won't be able to buy or pick up your pass because the festival office in Gervais Center is closed afterwards.

Unfortunately it is not possible to buy a single workshop.

Please take care of your tickets and passes; the lost ones won't be reimbursed!

It is recommended that each person takes their own pass for themselves. This way we will be sure that you got everything you need! ;) 

Unfortunately in Croatia it is still not possible to pay in euros. If you pay in cash, only HRK is accepted.

There is an ATM 2 minutes from Gervais Center, close to Hotel Imperial.

The reason for that could be that the email you entered is not valid so please make sure you've put the right email during the account registration on our web-shop. It could have happened also that the confirmation email went to your SPAM folder, so please check that as well.
If none of the above is the case, than please contact us at: support@salsa-adria.hr

What is ticket insurance?

  • Ticket insurance will enable you to receive 80% of your ticket costs back (excluding the costs of the insurance) in the event that you’re unable to attend the festival for any reason. All participants who don’t pick up their passes till the last party included in their ticket will be marked in the system as if they have used the ticket and the refunds will be possible only in case of bought ticket insurance
  • the reimbursement will not apply to any additional costs, such as travel, accommodation or any other costs connected to the festival activities
  • ticket insurance is optional, but it has to be bought at the same time as the ticket. You cannot buy the ticket insurance additionally
  • in order to gain your refund, send us an e-mail with the confirmation mail or receipt for the bought pass within 15 days after the end of the festival
  • the repayment will be done up to max. 30 days after your request has arrived

Ticket insurance price:
Basic fee for the ticket insurance is 6 EUR. For every 100 EUR more total, the fee is additional 6 EUR. E.g. If your ticket costs 180 EUR, the ticket insurance is 12 EUR.

There are several options for traveling to Opatija. For more information please take a look at HOW TO GET TO OPATIJA? or join our official FB group for finding travel mates, roommates etc. and find someone to share your travel costs with ;)

The closest airports are:

  • Rijeka
  • Zagreb
  • Pula
  • Trieste (Italy)
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Venezia

We can recommend a couple of amazing hotels at really affordable prices for a HB - Hotel Gardenija,  Hotel Imperial, Hotel Adriatic I and Hotel Adriatic II.

That's great! We're happy you're joining us!
Just fill in the ambassador form and we'll get back to you. Welcome to the family! :)


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