D-Dance Pro Team (Hungary)

Let us welcome the fantastic dance group that achieved an incredible result after only a few months of training - winning the Hungarian Championship.

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D-Dance Pro Team is a Hungarian team formed in 2022 by Dorottya Adam. They put a lot of emphasis on dance technique and performance. Their goal is to continue training in order to improve their team's performance at the Latin World Cup. They won the Hungarian Championship after three months of training, and then competed in Spain in March.

They are led by Dorottya, a dancer with 25 years of experience in a variety of styles. She has been doing ballet, folk dance, show dance, bachata, contemporary, and ballroom since she was four years old. Her main focus right now is on teaching bachata and performing. Her goal is to share her passion for dancing with her students, helping them in improving, winning competitions, and reaching their full potential. She also encourages them to set and achieve goals in their personal lives. She won the Hungarian Championship several times before becoming World Champion in the Bachata Fusion category in 2021. She has been the founder and director of her own dance company, "D-Dance Company", for the past seven years. She is also a DJ and the owner of the D-Dance Dress clothing line.


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