Transfer to Rovinj

You've bought a combination of Opatija and Rovinj SSD passes? Let's give you a ride!

DEPARTURE PLACE: Opatija main bus station



Monday, 23rd August; time TBA

If you decided to take the full SSD package including both destination, congratulations - you're up for an adventure you'll remember forever. And to make this adventure run smoother for you, we're organizing a bus from Opatija to Rovinj, leaving at 13.00 so you'll have plenty of time to relax, unpack and get ready for the second phase of your dance holiday - Rovinj. 

IMPORTANT: The ride is INCLUDED in your pass only if you have bought an SSD Opatija AND SSD Rovinj/or CSSF pass. You can't take the bus if you have Opatija pass and just one or two tickets for Rovinj edition and you can't buy an additional ticket.


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