Best Gent Award


The one whose behavior conforms to a high standard of propriety.
The one who is a synonym for respectfulness, care, and consideration. 
The one who understands a lady’s needs, hopes, and desires and makes her comfortable. 
The one who views the lady as his equal. 
The one who allows himself to be sensitive.  
The one who takes care of his physical appearance and style.

What is the reward?

  • FULL PASS for SSD Opatija 2023
  • a unique "Best Gent" T-shirt
  • an personalized tie

Have you seen him? 

We will be looking for that kind of sleek gentleman the whole time of the festival to crown him with the unique title of Best Gentleman
And, moreover, reward him richly and appropriately! 

How do you get this prestigious Best Gent Award?

From the beginning to the end of the festival, all our gentlemen are invited to use their cavalier manners, fine attitudes, politeness, and impressive but refined outfits packaged in a dance story to unlock the ladies’ hearts and win the most of their votes. This is the key to entering the top three gentlemen who will have a special challenge in Sunday’s finals. 

Ladies, your mission will be much easier! Just relax, open your eyes widely and define your criteria worthy of a vote. Allow yourself to be queen for three days and enjoy the gallant treatment while they are fighting for one of the three votes at your disposal. Let them knock you off your feet!


It's all up to you, ladies! From Friday to Sunday, your mission is to vote for your gentleman of the day. Upon registration, you will be given three powerful slips of paper where you will be asked to write the name of the cavalier that particularly caught your eye each day. Then, in a prominent spot, you will insert a piece of paper of your choice into a box.

Here are some important guidelines and tips:
  1. Find out the name of the man who has piqued your interest. Just ask him!
  2. You can't vote for instructors and DJs. Sorry!
  3. On Friday and Saturday, voting closes at 3 a.m. (during the party), and on Sunday the deadline is 8 p.m.
  4. It is not necessary for the gentlemen you vote for to be different every day. It can be the same person all three days.

The three who win the most votes go directly to Sunday's final to prove that they are worthy of the title of Best Gent, and the best will ascend the throne.

All the men who may not have been able to identify themselves in the descriptions above so far, don’t worry. Help is coming!

We promise that the path to becoming a real gentleman will not be strewn with thorns. On the contrary, allow yourself to step into a new, educational journey that will bring out the best (gentleman) in you.



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