The story
The story

Memories like no other

Dear fellow dancer, if you are like us, we know why you are here

Why consider SSD Opatija for your summer dance holiday? Short read first.

  • beautiful destination Opatija - small cozy town
  • castle party - nothing you've experienced so far
  • Royal Beach party - special seasunsalsa recipe
  • details matter - we leave nothing to chance
  • boutique feel - festival feels cozy, friendly with high attention to details
  • selected passionate artists that give their all - on and off the dance floor
  • some of the best DJs in bachata and kizomba world
  • included transfer to Rovinj Summer Sensual Days
  • and that is just for the starters - check more at SPOTLIGHTS

Why we think we are good?

Yes, dancing is your passion but let me assume it is much more than that. It is an opportunity not only to connect with the music and express yourself but also to travel and to experience life itself. You travel to give and to take in everything you can. And yes, I/we do feel the same and thus our seasunsalsa team is deeply committed to create experiences we want to enjoy and experience too. So, make no mistake, you will see us hanging out with you, dancing, enjoying - this is our life, our joy, our passion and yes, many times sweet sorrow that makes us work harder and shape ourselves. We still love it though ;) 

Details matter

Big time. From the bottom up, each hour of the events we do on each of many of our locations is thoughtfully designed with you/us as the center of the experience. Even if sometimes things do not go our way which happens here and there, rest assured we've got your back and we're already working to make the best of the situation.

#wevegotyourback #detailsmatter

Make friends

So, if I would like to wrap things up I would like to send you a message - MEET PEOPLE & MAKE FRIENDS. This simple philosophy of connecting with other human beings so many times eludes us but it is very simple. When we were kids it was so easy and natural for us to make new friends or to play with new kids. No judgment, no prejudice. So, that is what we would like to create - an environment where you feel free and safe to make great new friendships with people from all around the world - because yes, they are coming too ;)

#meetpeople #makefriends


This one wraps it up - but it is all true ;) Get ready for the third edition of our vibrant summer sensual boutique festival! Whether you're into bachata or kizomba we've got you covered with a list of selected artists and handpicked DJs who will rock your world. Our special recipe also consists of carefully designed workshop program and a range of special events which will test your body limits.

Join our dance family in charming Opatija and let's welcome the summer of 2020 with a bang.

See you in Opatija!

Festival Director

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