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Summer Sensual Days, Opatija


We are working towards making the event happen! Inform yourself with COVID-19 regulations on our events which we are non stop updating as things change! Do you need a COVID-19 test, what happens if you test positive, can the event still be canceled and more!



Open air social dancing

Summertime and the living is easy. Yes please and double on that is what we need right now. Our boutique experience sensual event was created with intimate, cozy and personal touch in mind with plenty of open air dancing. Daily open air socials, unique wonderland party in a 13th century castle of Trsat and a brand new bay party named Kvarner Royal party are only a part of what is waiting on you in Croatia. Close your eyes and remember - sea, sun, your dance partner and her majesty - the music. Seize the moment - you only live once!

Open air dancing - banner
Open air dancing - banner


How we’ve missed that combination... It's finally time we all connect. We can already hear the sound of tumbadoras mixed with the sound of splashing waves and warm sea breeze. Can you hear it too?

Dance artists

...are here to make you learn, sweat, and get that booty moving. But above all, they're here to INSPIRE & ELEVATE. Oh, and we almost forgot - they social dance, do animations, perform incredible shows in incredible outfits, play instruments and sing too. Check out our artists line up for 2021!

Workshops & Bootcamps

For 15 years we've been dedicated to promoting the best possible social dance education and we will certainly not stop now. We partner with some of the most inspiring artists in our community to deliver structured and progressive high quality learning experience.  Jump on board for dance skills turbo charge!

Workshops & Bootcamps banner
Workshops & Bootcamps banner

Accommodation & travel

It is time to reserve your spot under the sun! Our two partner hotels offer great service for exclusive prices especially for you. Choose between 4* Hotel Imperial which is located next to our official venue and 3* hotel Gardenia which is a 5 min walk away. Our recommendation - which ever hotel you choose take the half-board option as the small difference in price compared to BB option is worth it!


While we are separated - experience it online!

Feeling overdosed with all the online content? We got you. We feel the same. However, new technologies helped us stay connected in so many ways during this crisis that they’ve found their place even in the world of social dance. So if you do not want to wait anymore checkout our online dance package of 62 dance lessons and advices made to help you grow as a dancer. Check it out!

Safety first

In both good and bad times, YOU are the focus of whatever plans we make. Your experience and your safety. So rest assured that we will follow all the official guidelines to make sure our event stays in line with the necessary standards to keep us as safe as possible. Yes, things might look a bit different from what we were used to, but the main thing will not change - we are in this together.

Safety first
Safety first

Have a question?

If you don't then we want to be like you ;) In these uncertain and unpredictable times only one thing is certain - we all want some answers. Well, we tried our best to provide you with some of them in our FAQ section until more is known. Just a click away maybe you will find what you are looking for!

Seasunsalsa gift collection

Memories are forever. Until we get old that is. Still, from time to time it is good to have some small reminders to legendary times when we danced under the sky and rocked the dance floor. And pool. And boat. And.. you get it ;) Check out these small reminders to those amazing times.



Opatija banner
Opatija banner



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