Basi & Deisy

Here comes one of the longest-running couples on the bachata scene, who paved the way for elegance and combining different elements in bachata. Their classiness will contaminate you!

Specialised in: Bachata
Workshops: 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Basi and Deisy are one of the most experienced bachata dance couples and one of the most versatile couples on the scene of Latin rhythms. Each demonstration at festivals and congresses is an outpouring of passion and delicacy, achieving a perfect balance, which is why they are the ideal example of Bachata Elegante principles.

They show that it is possible to combine elements of all dance styles without losing the essence of bachata. Their connection and coordination make everyone want to learn to dance Bachata Elegante like them. Besides bachata, they are also versed in salsa. 

In 2010, they started teaching together, and since then they have not stopped growing and traveling all over the world. They reside in Madrid, where they teach their dance technique at all levels at their BSK DANCE academy. Basi and Deisy are also giving online classes for all students who do not reside in Madrid and want to take classes with them in Bachata Elegante, Dominican Bachata, bachata and salsa lady style, salsa en linea, salsa Cubana, merengue, bachata and salsa footwork.


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