Ladies Talk

Let's have some girl conversation now!

This will be an intimate space where we will go into all the topics and questions we have always been intrigued by, but haven't had a chance to ask someone about!

  • Perhaps some of us are looking for a unique (hot) dance trick or some fashion recommendations,
  • We might even need some secret seductive dancing weapon,
  • Maybe we are not sure about how many songs we "can" dance to with the same partner,
  • It is also possible that we want to invite our dance crush to a dance, but aren't sure how to do it,
  • It could be that we experienced a dance we didn't feel comfortable with, but we were unsure of how to handle it. In this environment, we can learn to say "no" to dance situations that don't seem right, sometimes even without saying a word.

Any other puzzling questions are welcome, our instructors Rokhaya and Jessica will be thrilled to share everything they know.

Men are not permitted in this LADIES ONLY class, not even to peep! In this way we will have a relaxed and secure environment where we can thoroughly explore all cunning tips & tricks and be ready to embody the most self confident, seductive and fulfilled version of ourselves! 

And after all, men will have their own GENTS ZONE only for themselves.



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